We’re making it easier to stay meaningfully connected.

We believe in the power of little gestures and thoughtful touches. That the only gift worth sending is one that was selected with intention and created with care. And that the modern gift box experience should allow you to send something elevated and personal without sacrificing your time or energy.

Thoughtful Gifts for Busy People.

Look, we’ve been there too. You’re not looking to send something generic or kitchy - you deeply care and you have discerning ideas for truly thoughtful gifts. You want the gifts that you send to have meaning and bring joy. But it’s time-consuming, costly, and complicated when you try to bring your vision for the perfect gift box to life.

We make it easy to send sentiments and offer support - no weekend shopping rush, endless online scrolling, or trips to the Post Office. Just intentional, personalized gifts sent for you with the click of a button.

Connection includes our community.

All of the products that we offer are local goods sourced from your neighborhood makers and small brands. Among all the mass-produced items and generic options, sending goods from your hometown feels as warm as sending something made in your own home. 

We love working with independent artisans because they create meaningful products made with the utmost quality. You can feel good about gifting knowing that your Birdytell boxes are supporting your local makers and helping your community thrive with the people and products that make it unique.

Meet Lisa Morrow
Founder & Owner

Helping people stay connected is at the heart of everything we do. My background in counseling reinforced for me how important it is to feel cared for and supported, and showed me the huge impact that even the smallest of heartfelt gestures can make. 

I started Birdytell because I couldn’t find anyone else that offered what I was looking for: an easy way to send thoughtful, modern gift boxes filled with high-quality goods that people love. We've created thousands of gifts over the past 7 years, and we’re so grateful for the amazing local makers we’re privileged to work with, and we’re still always awed to see all the ways people celebrate and care for one another.

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