We, at Birdytell, are on a mission to create a new kind of local gift shop. One that amplifies local merchants and makes their goods easy to shop and gift.

More than that, we are a team of creatives who believe in actively building the world we want to live in. We want to live in vibrant towns and cities with thriving, creative, small businesses, and we want to feel more connected with the people around us.

The Birdytell Story

It all started when our founder, Lisa Morrow, planned to give thoughtful gifts to her friends over the holiday season. However, she found that most gifting options are pretty generic. She then had the idea to create a new way of gift-giving – one that’s more personal and memorable. Enter: Birdytell.

Our goal is to elevate the gift-giving experience through highly personalized gift boxes, fit for any occasion. We give you the option to mix and match products and add your own personal touches, making the unboxing experience even more enjoyable. We also customize corporate gift boxes for businesses who want to show appreciation for their employees and clients.

We also use gift-giving as a way to amplify our local community. All of our gift boxes are curated with goods made by local merchants, artisans, florists, and bakers in Arizona and beyond. When you gift through Birdytell, you’re not only giving personal, thoughtful gift boxes, you’re also supporting small businesses.

Our core values

We create better experiences TOGETHER.

We show up with INTEGRITY & bring good energy.

We take pride in QUALITY work & products.

We know CREATIVITY is our strength.