Our Mission: At Birdytell, we build relationships between people and within communities by creating a more thoughtful world.

We believe in connecting with others in real life. Building community where we live. Showing gratitude to those who matter to us. Giving without the expectation of receiving something in return, because that's where the magic happens.

Local commerce, always and forever

Our cities are brimming with creative people who make, craft, and design exceptional products. We choose to support them by sourcing our products exclusively from the same communities we offer gifting experiences.

Why we started

Relationships are strengthened offline. We are obsessed with creating ways people can celebrate one another in real life as easily as they can text, message, or post a sentiment online.

Community is our culture

We believe in being active participants in building the world we want. We want to be connected with the people around us, love where we live, and feel passionate about our lives.

Gift like you mean it with Birdytell.