Gifting should be an enjoyable way to celebrate those who matter most in our lives. But somehow it has begun to feel like a chore, so we resort to buying generic gifts with little meaning. At Birdytell, we hope to change that and make it easy for all to give special gifts that show others we care.

Thoughtfulness is an important component of the gifting experience at Birdytell. We hand-deliver gifts and give them to the recipient on your behalf. We include a complimentary handwritten card with every gift box. We source our products as thoughtfully as possible, too. Our items are curated from artisans and small businesses that are a part of the same community as the gift recipient.

We created Birdytell so people could easily celebrate the special moments in one another lives in more meaningful ways than exchanging gift cards or well wishes on social media. Now you can select, purchase and have a gift hand-delivered within just a few minutes.

Meaningful moments in our life connect us. We are passionate about making those moments extraordinary.

Connecting with others through celebration and within our local small business community are important parts of our brand promise.

Our gifts are refreshed and added often and we will continue to add new tools to simplify gifting. Keep on top of all the new things happening at Birdytell by signing up on our mailing list.

Surprise someone at home or at work by giving them a gift from Birdytell.

A little Birdy makes any day special.