Executive Gifts for Every Occasion

What better way to impress than by sending executive gifts that are meaningful and thoughtfully timed? Don’t let important milestones slip by without celebration.

Some occasions are traditional moments for gift-giving. Others are less obvious opportunities to stand out with unexpected, unique corporate gifts. Read on to discover our favorite occasions to send something special.

Send a Client Welcome Gift

This is an easy win that still often goes overlooked. After sending a proposal and signing a contract, this should be the next item on your list as a part of your onboarding process.

Send a small token of excitement and appreciation to any decision-makers. If the start of your project includes rounds of meetings or any effort on your client’s end, executive gifts help soften the strain of the workload and keep them excited for the results to come.

Gift Ideas:

The Desert Dweller Gift Box

Executive Gifts for Every Occasion

California Goods Gift Box

Executive Gifts for Every Occasion

Prickly Pear Caramel Popcorn

Prickly pear popcorn, executive welcome gift


Before or After an Important Meeting

As everyone knows, meetings take up valuable time and energy in the workday. If you’ve had to schedule a long meeting to present something vital or move forward in your process, send a small gesture of appreciation for their time. The extra consideration will definitely be a pleasant surprise.

Gift Ideas:

Butterscotch Marshmallow Taffy

butterscotch brittle, executive gifts

Stripe Rollerball Luxe Pen

Luxe Pen, Birdytell gifts

Corporate Anniversary Gifts

Mark company anniversaries by sending personalized luxury corporate gifts. Send something for your boss’s big milestone in the company, or for your clients’ business anniversaries. Better yet, send a gift to your clients on your company’s anniversary. After all, without their business, your anniversary wouldn’t exist.

Gift Ideas:

Celebrate Gift Box

corporate anniversary gifts

Big Idea Sketchbook

Big Idea Sketchbook, Corporate Anniversary Gifts

Cactus Flower + Desert Sage Candle

Cactus Flower + Desert Sage Candle, Birdytell


Important Personal Milestones

Did they close on a new house? Run their first marathon? Celebrate the arrival of a baby? Stay in tune with the exciting things happening for them so that you can send warm-wishes and congratulations for any of life’s joyful moments and accomplishments.

Gift Ideas:

Palo Santo Incense

Palo Santo Incense, Luxury corporate gifts at Birdytell

Double Cacao Energy Balls

Cacao Energy Balls, executive gift

New Baby Box

Mountain Baby Box, Executive Gifts


Re-Think Executive Gifts

For any occasion, we offer personalized gift boxes that they’ll love. Our gift box builder allows you to create the perfect executive gifts for occasions small and large. All of our gift options are quality luxury products sourced from small merchants, makers, and artisans. Nothing kitschy, bland, or boring.

Have a long list of corporate gifts to send? Chat with our team about corporate gifting at scale.

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