Creating Meaningful Business Gifts with Local Goods

Sending meaningful business gifts lets you put your best foot forward in Q1, and can help you highlight the attention to detail and personalized service that you offer your clients. A thoughtful gift has an emotional impact that’s hard to accomplish through business transactions and interactions alone.

In this post, we’ll highlight why supporting local makers and brands is important to us, and why it creates such a positive impression when you curate a meaningful corporate gifting experience.

Gifting Local Goods Feels More Personal

Sending a handmade product from your town instead of a mass-produced factory product feels like the difference between giving someone homemade cookies instead of ones boxed on a grocery store shelf. It’s a completely different experience that evokes a different emotional reaction.

Products created by local artisans and makers are made with thoughtful care, quality materials, and tend to be more values-driven. This is due to the greater care and attention to production and packaging concerns such as sustainability and responsible sourcing.

By including local goods, you’re sending meaningful business gifts that feel warmer and more personal - less like a business formality, and more like a gift they’d receive from a thoughtful friend.

Local Gifts Support the Local Economy

Many American shoppers (57%, to be precise) say that the main reason they support local brands is to keep money local. And the numbers support this value! For every $100 spent at a small business, $48 circulates back into the local economy. Compare that to the $14 that comes back from large retailers, and it’s easy to see that local businesses are an important driving force in localized economies.

Creating unique high end corporate gifts that exclusively feature local goods signals that you care about the local economy and support the diverse and unique businesses that help it thrive. What better way to highlight that you care about the financial success of your vendors and local clients than to show your investment in the shared local economy?

Create a Connection to Community

Gifting local doesn’t have to stay local to you! If you have clients out of town, curate items from their local makers for your gift box. Showing you pay thoughtful attention to their local community is a simple and understated way of showing that you value the unique charm of their city and value your connection to them.

Alternatively, you can use your gift as an opportunity to welcome a client who just opened a local office and make them feel connected and at home in their new community, or delight an exclusively local client who is already familiar with their local makers and prefers to shop local brands whenever possible.

Create Meaningful Business Gifts by Including Local Goods

At Birdytell, we specialize in thoughtful locally-sourced gift-giving at scale.

Our corporate gifting service creates an easy gifting experience - without sacrificing quality or intentionality. We’ll partner with you to find the best creative client gifts sourced from high-end local makers in Arizona, California, and more - and we do the work for you by arranging your personalized, branded gift boxes.

As our clients say:
“I feel great gifting these items because I know I'm supporting local AND surprising my clients with unique items.”

If you are interested in meaningful corporate gifting at Birdytell, you can start by emailing us at to tell us a bit more about your needs!

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