Client Gifting 101

Gifting your client can be a great way to thank them and let them know that they are appreciated. Additionally, it can be an effective strategy to encourage them to continue to do business with your company. Client gifting can take place after a closed deal, an onboarding process, or even on an anniversary to celebrate another year of your collaboration.

When it comes to the logistics, you might be wondering how much to spend, what type of client gifts you should get, and when to give them. Below are a few key tips and guidelines for creating unique, memorable client gifting experiences.

When to Gift Your Clients

Before you begin your search for the perfect client gift, you need to decide when is the appropriate time to send it. It might be a good idea to incorporate client gifting into your marketing strategy so that you have a streamlined method in place for your company.

A few occasions to give your clients gifts could include following a pitch to a potential business partner, to celebrate a closed deal, as well as after any important milestones, whether they are personal or professional. Of course, holidays are also a great time to gift your clients and show your appreciation.

Setting a Budget

If done right, client gifting can be a great investment. Although it might change based on the type of company you own and the type of business your client has, it’s important to not go cheap. However, it’s equally as important that you don’t overspend with something frivolous and overly luxurious.

A healthy spending amount for client gifts commonly falls above $50. That being said, this is a situational range and can vary depending on your company’s own budget, the occasion in question, and what stage your business relationship is in. See how Gifts Spy breaks down how to establish a client gifting budget here.

client gifting at scale

Remember: your client can’t see the receipt (unless you send a gift card), so they will have no way of knowing how much you actually spent. What really matters is that you are sending them a genuine, quality gift that you know they will appreciate.

Presentation is Everything

Like we said, your clients can’t tell what you’ve spent on their gifts, however they probably will be able to tell if they receive something that was thrown together last-minute.

client gift packaging

This is why having tastefully branded, quality packaging is important when it comes to corporate gifts for clients. Not only is this crucial for your clients’ first impressions of the gift, but it also works to remind them of your company through appropriately placed brand visuals. Make your gifts really stand out with a company logo, personalized cards, and branded extras.

Creative Client Gifts

When it comes to the actual gift, there are a few options for you to consider. If you have a shorter list of clients, you might opt to build your own gift box. This is a great, hands-on idea for when you want to send something unique and completely personalized to each client. You can also select a curated, ready-to-ship gift if you are short on time or not sure what type of products your client would like best.

client gift box, pasta night

If your company’s client gifting is more at scale, our corporate gifting service would be a great solution, especially for holidays and special occasions. At Birdytell, thoughtful corporate gift-giving is kind of our thing.

We will work with you to arrange branded, streamlined gift boxes for your valued clients. If you are ready to get started on your client gifting strategy and learn more about what we offer, send us an email at!

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