Celebrating our First Mother's Day at Birdytell

"Live in the moment and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering." ~Fanny Crosby

On Mother’s Day 2016 the very first Birdytell gifts went out for hand-delivery. My husband and niece helped me divide and conquer our deliveries. As we carried each gift to the recipients’ front doors, we hoped to deliver not just a package, but also deliver on the promise of a memorable experience.

Celebrating our First Mother’s Day at Birdytell

After years of searching for holiday and birthday gifts that felt good to give, I knew there had to be a better, more thoughtful way for all of us to gift. One that didn’t involve generic items that were mass-produced and completely void of anything meaningful. The solution that came to mind involved two things: local and hand-delivered.

I thought if we curated gifts locally from artisans, they would have warmth in a way that factory-made products lack. We offered three locally curated gift boxes for that Mother’s Day and I gift-wrapped each one and included a handwritten card. We sold out within the first week and had deliveries scheduled over the entire Mother’s Day weekend.

And I thought that by being hand-delivered, we could offer a more personal experience and an element of surprise.

Celebrating our First Mother’s Day at Birdytell

However, the reactions we received from gift recipients that weekend left me and my family overwhelmed.

So many special moments happened. My niece was hugged by a grateful mom who took a video of them together while she called her daughter. My husband was videotaped delivering a gift to a ranch. Her husband kept texting us to get his exact arrival time. We delivered a gift to a retirement home, and that sweet mom cried and showed all of her friends. I was greeted by a mom who stared down at the gift with both hands on her heart, repeating “Oh my God” several times. It was after that moment on Mother's Day when I went and sat in my car and felt determined to build a gifting company that captured that special thing that had happened repeatedly over the weekend.

We’ve been obsessed with spreading that kind of joy around as far and wide as we can. And because of that, we now have 5o Mix + Match items and several curated gift boxes that are ready to be hand-delivered throughout Mother's Day weekend. You can even add a bouquet to any of our gift boxes that are delivered within 40 miles of Scottsdale.


Our curated Mother's Day collection was inspired by the micro moments moms try to steal away and make her own.


Wellness, health, and being her best.

Celebrating our First Mother’s Day at Birdytell


Passionate about the indulgent moments.

Celebrating our First Mother’s Day at Birdytell


Relax, recharge, and rejuvenate.

Celebrating our First Mother’s Day at Birdytell

If one of those gift boxes doesn't feel quite right, we have an entire collection in Mix + Match where you can custom build your own personalized gift box just for her.



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