Extra Glow Face Serum

Extra Glow Face Serum

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Zaaina Skincare
Gilbert, Arizona


Purvi grew up in India and watched her mom and grandmother making fresh face masks, hair conditioners, and many other beauty packs using simple ingredients from the kitchen. This was the beginning of her strong interest in skincare. Later she earned a bachelors degree in Finance and worked for Fortune 500 companies for 10 years. She realized how difficult it was to maintain a healthy lifestyle and natural skincare routine, so she started creating her own fresh face scrubs, toners, and masks using herbs, fruit powder, clay, and coconut butter. This was the beginning of her desire to pursue a skincare company named Zaaina, which means beautiful.


This extra glow face serum is ideal for all skin types.  A blend of oils and essential oils absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving your face hydrated without a greasy feeling. This serum is a multi-purpose face serum, it works great as a daytime moisturizer, nighttime treatment as well as a makeup serum. 

Zaaina products are all 100% pure, natural, and handmade; made with simple, well known and well recognized ingredients. Their products are all natural and do not contain chemicals, artificial preservatives, fragrances or parabens. 

Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Pumpkin Oil, Vitamin E, Lemongrass Oil, & Orange Oil.

1 fl oz