Chocolate | Artisan 9 Pieces

Chocolate | Artisan 9 Pieces

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XO Confections
Phoenix, Arizona


How Jason Wasser became a chocolate maker:

"I enlisted in the Army National Guard and found myself deployed in Iraq. While I was on deployment, I started buying and sampling chocolatier collections from all over the world.

Once I fulfilled my commitment as an airborne infantryman, I enrolled in college as a molecular biology major. During this time, my grandmother’s celebrated her 75th birthday. Instead of buying chocolates as a birthday gift, I decided to make the chocolates myself.
After my college graduation, I realized that a career in molecular biology wouldn’t produce the same amount of passion that I experienced with every batch of chocolate I made. That was the moment an airborne infantryman with a degree in molecular biology, became a self-taught chocolatier with his very own candy company."

Artisan chocolate made with the finest ingredients. Chocolates are made with exotic spices, herbs, teas, fresh fruit and nuts and liquor. Each piece of chocolate looks like a work of art. 

9 unique pieces.