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Palo Santo + Sage

Palo Santo + Sage

Vim + Vigor Candle Co

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"Vim + Vigor Candle Co is centered around a goal to create handcrafted, natural soy candles using contemporary fragrance. Their candles not only burn cleanly, but also bring a refreshing energy to the space they fill. Candles are their passion and Vim + Vigor perfectly describes our venture. Vim drives our ability to create unique and exceptional products and vigor is what allows us to consistently execute the distribution of high-quality products. The minimalist brand design allows our products to speak for themselves."


No. 170. Palo Santo and sage are both known for their ability to cleanse negative energy and bring balance to the mind, body, and soul. For this candle we combined the natural aroma of sage leaves with the uniquely sweet and woodsy scent of palo santo wood.

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