Toffee Stack

Toffee Stack

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Small batch toffee three ways.

Traditional Toffee | If love heals all, then consider me healed. Rich, buttery goodness with Madagascar- Bourbon vanilla, 72% dark cacao and Belgian milk chocolate, all kissed with almonds. 

Sweet and Salty Toffee | Rock my world with your sea salt kiss. Nothing satisfies like a sweet and salty duo. Sweet fresh almonds, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, 72% dark Belgian cacao chocolate, all smooched with French coarse sea salt. 

Fleur-two-Lis | Traditional toffee made with fresh creamery butter, pure cane sugar, white and milk Belgian chocolate. Add a bit of Ooh la la Lavender. 

Three 3” squares.

Arizona Artisan: goodytwos Toffee Company.