joy in the kitchen

joy in the kitchen

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Know someone who loves to cook? Doesn't matter the occasion, this gift will certainly bring that person joy.

This gift contains:

Marble Cheese Board
Arizona Artist: Lafayette Avenue Ceramics

Elegant, marble-glazed cheese board perfect for wine and cheese occasions or small bite-sized apps.  Each board is handcrafted with a mixture of black and white glaze creating a marbled look that is truly one-of-a-kind.

This cheese board is made of clay and it is food safe, dishwasher and microwave safe. All Lafayette Avenue Ceramics items are handmade on a pottery wheel and fired in a kiln to cone 6 for durability.

9.5 inches in diameter.

Succulent Garden Tea Towel

Arizona Artisan: Paula Lukey

Bright blue succulent tea towel punches up a neutral kitchen.

Screen-printed with eco-friendly inks on a cotton flour sack tea towel.

The cotton flour sack material of the tea towel absorbs AMAZINGLY - so not only do you get a gorgeous designed tea towel to show off in your kitchen, but a towel that actually DRIES your hands and dishes!

Measures 28" x 29" 
Material is a 100% cotton flour sack
Silk screened in a soft-feel water-based, eco friendly ink

Curated Organic Honey
Arizona Artisan: Bee Seasonal

Gift organic, raw honey sourced from Brazil. Experience tastes and aromas ranging from tropical fruits to marshmallow and spices. It's fun to compare each variety.

Taste 4 different varieties harvested from Brazil.

  • Angico: Brazilian Acacia: Araucaria Moist Forests 
  • Aroeira: Brazilian Pink Pepper: Cerrado 
  • Marmeleiro: Brazilian Quince: Caatinga 
  • Silvestre: Brazilian Wild Flower: Iguaçu River Valley 

Pairs perfectly with a variety of cheese, teas, toast, crackers and a perfect add to a cheese board.

Ceramic Salt Pinch Bowl
Arizona Artisan: Mayware Ceramics

Pinch bowl with green/blue glaze, handmade.

Lemon Sea Salt
Arizona Artisan: SEE Salt

Elevate your food with Lemon Fleur de Sel. Made with 100% USDA Organic Meyer Lemons from Agritopia Farm in Gilbert Arizona

This fleur de sel remains rich with: magnesium, calcium, iodine, silica oxide, potassium & iron. No anti-caking agents.

3 oz