Handmade Baby Balm

Handmade Baby Balm

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Verano Bathery
Tempe, Arizona


"We started making soap for completely selfish reasons: we love hand-made soap, we loft having soft, nourished skin, and, well, it's fun.

We started by selling all the extra soap that comes from so much experimentation, and soon Verano Bathery was born. Date night turns into packaging soap night, and road trips are just long opportunities to discuss product development. We're living the dream."


They use all-natural, organic oils and butters infused with the soothing power of calendula, chamomile, and lavender.  This balm will protect the most delicate skin with a natural beeswax barrier, sealing in the nourishing power of nature's most healing elements.

Cloth diaper friendly.  

4 oz.

Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil (infused with Lavender, Chamomile and Calendula), Jojoba Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Beeswax.

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