for the perfect gentleman

for the perfect gentleman

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A little something sophisticated for the perfect gentleman. This is a great Father's Day gift.

This gift contains:

Arizona National Parks Coasters
Arizona Artisan: Prickly Pear Paper

Set of 8 assorted letterpress coasters.


Naked Turtles
Arizona Artisan: The Oliver Baking Co.
Lightly roasted pecans with drizzled with caramel and sprinkle with a pinch of sea salt. Four in a box. 
Cinnamon Cayenne Chocolate Bar
Arizona Artisan: Stone Grindz Chocolate

Made with their house blend; this bar has natural flavor notes of red fruit, caramel, and fudge brownie, combined with cayenne pepper & cinnamon for a unique chocolate experience. The flavors slowly build on your palate, with a resonating spicy finish. A wonderful homage to how the Mayans traditionally made chocolate!

Fair trade cacao beams. Organic ingredients.

Gentleman Tea + Golden Egg Tea Diffuser
Artisan: Tea Time Scottsdale

A decadent marriage of red rooibos and black tea with smooth tones of earthy bourbon and sweet vanilla.