feel better soon

feel better soon

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Send a get-well-soon package to someone feeling under the weather. Artisanal items that are good for the soul and made by our community.

This gift contains:

Curated Organic Honey
Artisan: Bee Seasonal

Gift organic, raw honey sourced from Brazil. Experience tastes and aromas ranging from tropical fruits to marshmallow and spices. Taste 4 different varieties harvested from Brazil.

  • Angico: Brazilian Acacia: Araucaria Moist Forests 
  • Aroeira: Brazilian Pink Pepper: Cerrado 
  • Marmeleiro: Brazilian Quince: Caatinga 
  • Silvestre: Brazilian Wild Flower: Iguaçu River Valley 

White Sonora Wheat Crackers
Artisan: Hayden Flour Mills

Heritage grains, hand-cultivated crackers.

Golden Egg Tea Diffuser
Artisan: Tea Time in Scottsdale

A perfect pair with loose leaf tea. Single serving tea diffuser for a healing cup of tea.

Prickly Pear Tea
Artisan: Scottsdale Tea Time

Black tea from our favorite state.

Rose Bath Bomb
Artisan: M+A Naturals

The Hi(m+a)layan Rosehip bath bomb is a delicate blend of natural ingredients combined with rosehip seed oil, rosewater, rose petals, and pink himalayan salt. 

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