celebrate a new family

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Send a little something to each person in a new family. Something that soft and rattles for baby, coffee for parents, and a blissed out, rejuvenating moment in the bathtub, which we all need after taking care of baby all day. We've added natural, soothing lotion for baby, too. A little thoughtful something for everyone.

This gift contains:

Knitted Ice Cream Cone Rattle
Arizona Artisan: Love the Little House in the Valley

Knitted mint ice cream cone rattle handmade for little hands. Perfect for summer babies.
5 1/5 inches in length.

    Be Caring Lotion
    Arizona Artisan: be good

    Be Caring natural nourishing lotion is formulated for young skin and can be used on a child’s face, body, and hands. A lightweight moisturizer that hydrates and leaves skin super soft and smelling delightfully delicate. 

    Be Caring features a little mouse named Claire who shares a short story about compassion along with a series of questions you can ask your child to help inspire good conversation and good actions around this virtue.

    Formulated with love and free from parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, gluten, synthetic dyes, dea, palm oil, added hormone disrupters, petrolatums, dioxanes from sulfates, phosphates, animal by-products. No animal testing.

    6 oz.

    Miravalle Whole Bean Coffee
    Arizona Artisan: Cartel Coffee Lab

    Tasting notes: Cocoa butter and hazelnut with sweet red grape acidity. Coffee beans from El Salvador.

    12 ounces whole bean. Freshly roasted.
    Hi(m+a)layan Rose Bath Salt
    Arizona Artisan: M+A Naturals

    This organic bath salt contains epsom salt, which is great for removing toxins. A salt bath is a fantastic way to relax and wind-down before bedtime. Gift relaxation and wellness.

    Each bath salt comes with bag to hold the dried roses and bath salts so your tub stays clean

    8 oz container.

    This gift gives twice. When you send this gift to someone, we will donate $5 to Phoenix Children's Hospital.

    *If you order more than one gift box, we'll email you for delivery addresses and separate note messages.