Bar Mama Bear Necklace

Bar Mama Bear Necklace

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Pure Life Jewelry
Tempe, Arizona

"Just about anyone can make a piece of jewelry. What we do strives to be more than that. What we want to do is share a story.

Every design contains the history of its creator. Every gemstone contains untold mysteries of the earth. Every finished piece combines the two.

Even more importantly, the right piece of jewelry can reflect and amplify the personality of its wearer. And this is where our stories come together.

We make every piece of jewelry, from scratch, by hand. We insist on using only the finest materials. We interweave our work with heart and soul.

We create jewelry that describes you, that stays with you - that dresses down when you do and dresses up just when you need it to as well.

We make jewelry, yes, but we make so much more than that. We make memories. We make lifelong connections. We make what we make here just for you."

This Mama Bear necklace is made for fierce, powerful, and hard working mamas.

Pendant measures almost 1"X.5" wide.
Hangs from a 16" 14k Gold cable chain.