Calendula Facial Tonic

Calendula Facial Tonic

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Lylah Ledner
Scottsdale, Arizona

"Crafting small batch of the very best skincare is a slow process. Using cheap ingredients or pre-made bases is simply not an option. Every ingredient that comes into our lab has to meet our quality standards of excellence and freshness, otherwise the potency of our products would be affected. That is just not an option." 

Both soothing and calming calendula supports the anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and antioxidant benefits to skin that has been known to contribute to wound healing. For centuries, the beautiful Calendula flower have been used to treat various clinical dermatological conditions. Needless to say, this hydrosol is one we love and use often.

There have even been studies with Calendula (lotion) and the effects of radiation, so that's nice to have a little science behind it. 

1 oz glass bottle.